6 views on deconstruction – A Mute Ocean, Image+, Bienne Festival of Photography

Image+ / SITUATION #75 6 views on deconstruction – A Mute Ocean, under the direction of Ola Lanko, Bienne Festival of Photography/Fotomuseum Wintherthur, Switzerland Exhibition: 12 – 28 May, 2017 Opening: 11 May, 6pm Location: Chipot Photography today can take on multiple forms, both material and immaterial: from print to pixel, from the page to the screen, from static images to moving images. What are the challenges and opportunities for image-makers and editors who wish to critically explore the hybrid nature of photography? What are the contemporary practices in working with images and distributing them? What does editing mean in the age of …

BYOB, Nuit des Images 2015

  A collective projection by NEAR at La Nuit des Images in partnership with the Musée de l’Élysée. A sound and visual installation of Δ will be presented from 10 P.M. / Une soirée de projection collective de NEAR à La Nuit des Images, en partenariat avec le Musée de l’Élysée. Une installation sonore et visuelle de Δ sera présentée à partir de 22 h 00.                

OPEN SHOW Switzerland #13

Many thanks to all of you present at the Art & Culture center la Ferme-Asile in Sion for  OPEN SHOW Switzerland #13 to see and exchange around my video Fragments.  

Six People In One Small Room

Published on the occasion of a workshop with Böhm/Kobayashiin cooperation with Le Bal Books and Publish it Yourself With images by Karin Crona, Hanna Darabi, Michela Palermo, Sandra Schmalz, Noel Manalili, Damien Sivier